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Our Practice and Mission

Quality of Life to the End of Life
Dr. Alice Cat Fancy Magazine Page 1
Dr. Alice Cat Fancy Magazine Page 2
Compassion Through the Journey VAM Magazine
Dr Alice An Excerpt from One Medicine War on Cancer

Quality of Life Scale

Quality of Life Scale: When to Put a Dog Down
Canine Quality of Life Scale Download
Feline Quality of Life Scale Download
Universal Human-Animal Bond Scale Download
Quality of Life Assessment Article
Are Veterinarians Kinder Than Physicians At End-Of-Life Article

End of Life Care

SCVMA End of Life Care Symposium
End of Life Care - Clinician's Brief magazine
Hospice Care For Dogs

Cancer Information

Agaricus with IP-6
Anal tumors
Anti-Angiogenic/Metronomic Protocol
Bladder/Prostate Cancer
Electroporation for Patients
Ketogenic Diet by Valiant Pet Nutrition (V122117)
Lymphoma, Canine
Lymphoma, Feline
Mast Cell Tumor
Mycosis Fungoides (Epitheliotrophic Lymphoma)
Soft Tissue Sarcoma (STS)
Warning Signs of Illness or Cancer in Pets

Book List

Suggested Reading Booklist


Juniors Story
Blue's Story

Pawspice Care

Pawspice™ a Formal Pet Hospice Program
Pawspice™ Hospice for Cats
Sensible Supplements for Immunonutrition
Pawspice an Integrative End ofLife Care Program.docx


How Do You Know When to Put a Pet Down?

Rethinking Euthansia

01 Euthanasia -

Knowing the Right Time to Say Goodbye to a Pet

Relief is Part of Grief

Other Links

PET LIFE RADIO featuring Alice Villalobos
Supplement Handout Instructions.pdf
The Peter Zippi Fund for Animals
Veterinary Partner 
Radio Interview for Cold Laser Therapy
Radio Interview for End of Life Care for Animals
YouTube Video Cold Laser Therapy
Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation Appoints Dr. Alice Villalobos Chair of Veterinary Medicine Advisory Board
Help for At Risk Senior Dogs:

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