Agaricus With Ip 6

Agaricus with IP-6

Adapted from Doctor's Health Tips by Dr. Alice Villalobos, D.V.M.

Agaricus combined with Cellular Forte w/ IP-6 Creates an Anti-Cancer Effect

The anti-cancer effects of Cellular Forte w/ IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate) can be enhanced when used in combination with beta-glucans (glycoproteins) extracted from the Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom. This anti-cancer effect may be helpful in the battle against cancer for pets.
Researchers around the world have found that the action of IP-6 and beta-glucans complement one another to enhance the immune system's ability to fight cancer.  Among its many immune activities, IP-6 targets activation of natural killer (NK) cells.  NK cells have a very specialized function and the body has a relatively limited supply of them.  Agaricus, stimulates a population of a much more abundant immune cell called the macrophage (the "big eater" cell) that destroys or delays the growth of damaged cells.
It is well known that natural killer cells are able to attack and kill cancer cells. However, natural killer cells cannot function effectively without the targeting function of the body's macrophages. The macrophage must first be able to recognize the cancer cell.
Immune responses cannot be developed without first having macrophage recognition.  The wide range of beta-glucans found in Agaricus blazei mushroom stimulates a series of key immune-enhancing events that wind up activating the body's macrophages.
The job of the macrophage is to transport diseased cells to the lymph tissues where they encounter the immune system's T-cells.  Actually, natural killer cells are a member of the T cell family. The T-cells communicate via cell-to-cell surface signaling and help to alert the natural killer cells to the new invaders.  At this point the natural killer cells will become activated to carry out their seek and destroy mission. Hopefully, they will be programmed to kill the abnormal cancer cells in the body. The problem is that cancer cells go under the radar of the immune system. Here is where supplements may help.
In Japan and Europe, beta-glucans from several sources including Agaricus blazei Murill mushroom are used to boost bone marrow production during radiation treatments.
IP-6 and Agaricus blazei preparations are very safe natural products.  The supplement dose on the labels are recommended for healthy living. When use for pets with cancer, the doses are increased as outlined below

Recommended Dose for Cancer Pet Patients:

Cellular Forte w/ IP-6:
For Cats:    1/2 tablets twice daily, on an empty stomach.
For Dogs:   1 tablets for each 10 pounds daily, on an empty stomach.
Agaricus Bio: For Cats:    One 300 mg capsule twice daily.
For Dogs:   One to three 600 mg capsule(s) twice daily.
Agaricus Extract Mate: 3-9 drops of Extract Mate once or twice daily.
Agaricus Super Liquid:  6-12 drops once or twice daily.

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