Suggested Reading

Suggested Reading

Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond 2nd Edition

Canine and Feline Geriatric Oncology: Honoring the Human-Animal Bond 2nd Edition (2017)
by Alice Villalobos (Author),‎ Laurie Kaplan (Contributor)

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A must have book if your pet has cancer. This book informs intelligent pet owners about aging and cancer in dogs and cats. Dr. Villalobos wrote this book as a labor of love. She presents 90 of her real live cases to help clarify the complexity in work up, diagnosis, and decision making for older pets. Dr. V. provides an teaches an empathetic approach justifying a common sense, reasonable treatment of cancer in senior and geriatric pets especially those with other pre existing conditions. The concept of pet hospice "Pawspice" is proposed to provide palliative care for all pets with cancer from the start of their treatment program. This approach, along with using her Quality of Life Scale, provides the best quality of life possible. The book fills in the all the blanks about cancer treatment and cancer's fatal agenda. You get to know what's what from both sides of the exam table. It explains what is often left unsaid in the exam room. The book is in many veterinary teaching hospital libraries and is read by veterinary students, interns, nurses, hospice workers and doctors to gain an overview of compassionate cancer care and for guidance in palliative care, Pawspice and end of life decision making for geriatric cancer patients. Dr. V's manuscript was edited and organized by Laurie Kaplan.

Help Your Dog Fight Cancer, 2009,

This book by Laurie Kaplan, helps inform pet owners how to provide the best everyday home care for dogs as they battle cancer. Laurie discusses the physical and nutritional needs in great detail truly helping pet owners become knowledgeable caregivers for their dog with cancer. 

So Easy to Love, So Hard to Lose, 2010,

Laurie Kaplan helps pet lovers work through the emotional turmoil that accompanies the pending loss or the loss of a dearly beloved pet. She writes from her personal experience of loss after Magic died. In honor of her bond with Magic, Laurie helps dogs and cats via

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